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Universal Truths About Counteroffers

Before you succumb to a tempting counteroffer, consider these universal truths:


  • Any situation in which an employee is forced to get an outside offer before the present employer will suggest a raise, promotion or better working conditions, is suspect.
  • No matter what the company says when making the counteroffer, you will always be considered a fidelity risk.  Having once demonstrated your lack of loyalty (for whatever reason), you will lose your status as a ‘team player’ and your place in the inner circle.
  • Counteroffers are usually nothing more than stall devices to give your employer time to replace you.
  • Your reasons for wanting to leave still exist.  Conditions are just made a bit more tolerable in the short term because of the raise, promotion or promises made to keep you.
  • Counteroffers are only made in response to a threat to quit.  Will you have to solicit an offer and threaten to quit every time you deserve better working conditions?
  • Decent and well managed companies don’t make counteroffers.  Ever! Their policies are fair and equitable.  They will not be subjected to ‘counteroffer coercion’ or what they perceive as blackmail.


Article by Paul Hawkinson from the National Business Employment Weekly

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