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Your Needs – Our Commitment

We are dedicated to providing you with a team who will effectively and cost-efficiently identify, recruit, and screen top candidates for your organization. We know that employee retention is vital to your success and as a result of being committed to doing our job well you will gain fast and easy access to the very best in your field!

Provide us with a complete job description

We are in the information business, so the more information you give us, the less time it will take us to find the right candidate for your opening. Most candidates evaluate every aspect of a job offer; the position, the location, the salary, the company, etc. Midland Recruiters must be prepared to answer questions which are sometimes not verbalized as well – such as “What’s in it for me?”

In order to attract the best possible candidates, you must present to us as many details as possible about your company and the opportunity available.

Be reasonable and truthful

Don’t overstate needed qualifications; don’t understate the salary dollars available. Provide us with feedback on resumes submitted as quickly as possible. If you do turn down a candidate, tell us the real reason why. This will help us to hone and narrow our search to that right fit.

Without feedback from you – we are wasting our time and ultimately yours!

Allow us reasonable access…

To the hiring managers via phone or email. We don’t want to take your place in the process, but the hiring manager knows more about the person they need; such as specific technical expertise, culture of their department, succession plans, etc.

Be accessible

Return phone calls/emails as soon as possible. We may be calling you about the perfect candidate! Not responding sends us the message that the opening is not a priority. For specialized skills, this is a candidate’s market and holding onto resumes for more than a few days before deciding to bring that candidate in, just isn’t going to work anymore.

Keep us in the loop…

In the offer and negotiation phase as well. We can help reduce the chance of turndowns when we are involved at the start of the offer process. We know the marketplace as well as our candidate’s professional, financial, and personal bottom line. We continually counsel our candidates on the dangers of counteroffer acceptance.

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Midland Recruiters is committed to finding the best candidates and simplifying your entire search process.