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Sample Interview Thank You Letters

Thank You Letters following an interview can make or break your candidacy.  No matter how well or how poorly your interview went, you should always write a thank-you letter to each interviewer that you met.  Do so within 24 hours of the interview.  Your follow up note is a matter of courtesy and professionalism.

  • Mention specifics from the interview, including ways that you can add to the companies bottom line, clarification of any points discussed, and your interest in the position.
  • Do not send a form letter to each interviewer.  Personalize each letter according to the discussion with that particular interviewer.
  • Make sure that the letter is written on a computer/typed and is carefully proof read and spell checked.  Email is acceptable but
    please make sure that the email address is correct and the note is spell checked before you send it.

Types of Thank You Letters

The “Closer”

You want the job! The interview went well and you feel you’re a strong contender for the position. The closer follow up is simple… asks for the job!

Ms. Hiring Manager,

“I want very much to become a part of your department (company, group, etc.).  I feel from our discussion on (date), that my experiences in (fill in strengths) are a perfect fit for the position of (fill in the title).  I look forward to hearing a positive response from you soon.”

The “Fix It”

Fix it letters are for correcting any misuderstandings, false impressions or providing additional information that was left unsaid during the interview process.

Mr. Hiring Manager,

“Thank you for your time and consideration in interviewing me for the position of (fill in title).  During our discussion about (fill in),
I neglected to tell you of my experience with (fill in).  In this role I gained valuable knowledge in (fill in).

The “Standard”

Dear Hiring Manager,

“Thank you for the opportunity to discuss your opening for a (title).  I enjoyed meeting with you and learning more about (company name).

I believe that my experience at (company name) and my educational background in (fill in degree if appropriate) qualify me for the position.
My extensive knowledge of (skills) would also be especially valuable to me as a (title) with your firm.
(Emphasize one or two of your strongest qualifications and slant them toward the various points that the interviewer considered the most important for the position)

I was particularly impressed with (fill in).  I feel that this type of environment would challeng me to do my best work.  I would like to meet with you again to further discuss this position.  I can be reached at (number and times best to call).  In the meantime, I would be happy to provide any other information you may need to make your decision.


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