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Resume Tips

Your resume is your most important calling card in your job search.  It should include the following information:

  • Contact information
  • Career objective (make sure it matches the position you are applying for!)
  • Summary statement
  • Professional experience highlighting accomplishments in each position.
  • Education, Training, Licenses, Technical Skills, Languages, Professional Groups


Top 20 Things Recruiters Hate About Resumes:

  1. Spelling errors, typos and poor grammar.
  2. Too duty oriented and not accomplishment oriented.
  3. Dates not included or inaccurate dates.
  4. Contact information is missing, inaccurate or unprofessional email addresses.
  5. Poor formatting – boxes, templates, tables, etc.
  6. Functional resumes as opposed to chronological resumes.
  7. Resumes that are too long – over 3 pages.
  8. Paragraphs – long paragraphs instead of bulleted points.
  9. Personal information included not relevant to the job.
  10. Not telling what industry or product candidate worked.
  11. Lying, misleading (education, dates, titles)
  12. Meaningless objectives or introductions.
  13. Font choice – poor font choice or style.
  14. Pictures, graphics, URL links.
  15. Resumes sent as TXT, ZIP, PDF, etc.  Almost all want Word.
  16. No easy to follow summary.
  17. Resumes written in 1st or 3rd person.
  18. Gaps in employment that are unexplained.
  19. Burying important information in the resume.
  20. Candidates who apply to a position in which they are unqualified.

Accomplishments Employers Want To See:

  • Increased revenues
  • Saved money
  • Increased efficiencies
  • Cut overhead
  • Increased sales
  • Improved workplace safety
  • New products / lines
  • Increased productivity
  • Effective budgeting
  • Successful project completion

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