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How to Work With Midland Recruiters

Provide us with a complete job description.....We are in the information business, so the more information you give us, the less time it will take us to find the right candidate for your opening. Most candidates evaluate every aspect of a job offer; the position, the location, the salary, the company, etc. Midland Consultants must be prepared to answer questions which are sometimes not verbalized as well - such as "What's in it for me?"

  • In order to attract the best possible candidates, you must present to us as many details as possible about your company and the opportunity available.

Be reasonable and truthful.....Don't overstate needed qualifications; don't understate the salary dollars available. Provide us with feedback on resumes submitted as quickly as possible. If you do turn down a candidate, tell us the real reason why. This will help us to hone and narrow our search to that right fit.

  • Without feedback from you - we are wasting our time and ultimately yours!

Allow us reasonable access.....to the hiring managers via phone or email. We don't want to take your place in the process, but the hiring manager knows more about the person they need; such as specific technical expertise, culture of their department, succession plans, etc.

Be accessible.......Return phone calls/emails as soon as possible. We may be calling you about the perfect candidate! Not responding sends us the message that the opening is not a priority. For specialized skills, this is a candidate's market and holding onto resumes for more than a few days before deciding to bring that candidate in, just isn't going to work anymore.

Keep us in the loop.....in the offer and negotiation phase as well. We can help reduce the chance of turndowns when we are involved at the start of the offer process. We know the marketplace as well as our candidate's professional, financial, and personal bottom line. We continually counsel our candidates on the dangers of counteroffer acceptance.

Our Search Process

Midland Recruiters is committed to finding the best candidates and simplifying your entire search process.

Our goal is to reduce the interval between a vacant position and the candidate selection. With our team of consultants assisting you throughout the recruitment process, your organization will remain uninterrupted and productive, so executive time can be devoted to more urgent duties.

  • Our Search Process is Customized to Meet Your Needs

Midland's entire search process is customized to serve your immediate and long term goals.

  • Together we can develop a detailed description of the position and define the required qualifications. We value your input and together we establish the guidelines and procedures to be followed throughout the process.

Our Recruiters then prepare and complete an extensive campaign to locate candidates that not only fit the 'technical' requirements but also those who fit your companies' personality.

  • Our very thorough screening process has afforded us the reputation for finding the right chemistry between candidates and employers.

Because our candidates tend to stay with our client companies, we look for the intangibles that will allow them to succeed not only in their current position, but the next step upward within your organization.

  • Because we do our job well, our client companies consistently enjoy exceptional retention rates and promotability factors.

Throughout this process, your anonymity is always secure, so your business remains uninterrupted and the competition is unaware of internal changes.

Our Fees

Modest Fees - Retained Search or Contingency Basis

Midland's fees are modest and in most circumstances, hiring a person through our recruitment process costs far less than when companies handle the advertising, screening and hiring themselves. We also offer a guarantee period for your peace of mind.

We are dedicated to providing you with knowledgeable consultants who will effectively and cost efficiently identify, recruit and screen the top candidates for your company or organization, on either a retained search or contingency basis.

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