Technical Director, Rubber

Salary:110K - 150K



  • Compound design
  • Provide technical follow-up to customers
  • Provide technical assistance to customers
  • Manage the technical aspects of contract review and design control
  • Implement systems and processes to assure quality product is delivered to customers
  • Implement systems and processes to assure material produced will conform to design parameters
  • Provide the technical contribution to strategic decision-making
  • Assure the protection of intellectual property and critical data


Technical Director will have a minimum of 10 years of technical experience in the rubber industry. The successful candidate will be experienced and competent in fluoroelastomer formulating and mixing to a variety of specifications and processing/production variables. Experience in quality assurance and quality systems management according to ISO-9001 is required.


The Technical Director will develop formulations in a timely, organized and effective manner. She/he will establish the mixing procedure for new compounds or existing compounds to optimize quality. Will utilize experience, technology, industry contacts, experimental techniques and educations provide formulations that will perform as necessary and solve problems as communicated. Will provide technical information and troubleshooting advice to customers and travel to customers as required to perform this function. The Technical Director will manage the activities of the Quality Manager/R&D Lab Specialist.